Eating Window Diet

Most patients lose 2-3 pounds a week with eating windows.  All food is eaten during the same 2 hour or 4 hour eating window every day.  2 hour windows work better than 4 hour windows for weight loss.  Eating windows should be approximately the same time every day, within an hour.  For example, you can eat 4pm-6pm one day and 5pm-7pm the next day.  Eat what you want during your eating window, but don’t go crazy.  Keep sugar to a dull roar.  The more sugar you eat the worse you are going to feel but you know that.  The more protein you eat the better you will feel ad the less hungry you will be.  Patients who eat 80-160 grams of protein during their eating window are far less hungry throughout the day and the next day.  The surprising advantage of eating windows is that you will be far less hungry the rest of your eating window day and the following day.  Whenever you think are hungry, drink 8-16 ounces of non-caloric fluid before you eat.  Most of the time, patients are more thirsty than hungry.

Every Other Day Diet

Most patients lose 2-3 pounds a week dieting every other day.  On your diet day, you can eat up to 500 calories.  The easiest way to do this for most patients is to eat fresh fruit only.   You don’t have to eat all 500 calories if you’re not hungry.  You may eat unlimited sugar-free Popsicles, sugar-free Jello, sugar-free coughdrops and sugar-free Jols.  The easiest way to eat 500 calories is to eat apples, oranges, bananas and pears which are 100 calories each.  Melon, berries, grapefruit and pineapple are 50 calories a cup. Cherries and grapes are 100 calories a cup.  On your eating day, eat what you want.  Don’t go crazy. Most patients can get away with 200-300 (some 500-600) calories of sugar without going into feeding frenzy.  Every other day is a favorite diet for many patients, because it doesn’t feel like dieting.  No matter how miserable you may be on Monday, on Tuesday you get to eat what you want.  It doesn’t matter what time or how many meals you eat.  Every other day is also a surprisingly healthy way to eat, and may improve longevity, protect against cancer, and prevent Alzheimer’s.  

Diet Every Other Day